Creative rustic ideas coming to life.

From our tree slice cake stands to our hand crafted jewelry - our attention to detail is what sets us apart. We use only reclaimed, newly fallen trees. We don't cut live trees! When choosing a cake stand it is important to choose a wood that holds its bark well. We have a selection of woods which are of the utmost quality. We reinforce the bark to prevent it from dropping and search for hardwoods like Black Walnut and Locust because of their beauty and superior quality to cheaper woods that can experience dramatic splitting and deterioration. We use a multi-step preservation process to stabilize the wood before the finish is applied. It takes time and is costly but we believe in creating a quality product that will last and are passionate about what we do. We'd simply rather explain the price than apologize for the quality. Our years of experience with tree slice cake stands and our passion for beauty and style in craftsmanship are shown in our work. 

"My inspiration came about two years ago as I planned my wedding. I set out to find these amazing items that would match my vision and came up empty handed. It seemed that all the decorations I found were cheap looking or so outdated that I could have sworn they were from the 80's. I ended up crafting my own wedding cake stand with a rustic damask feel to it and the vision just sort of unfolded from there. Next I was on to custom hand stamped jewelry and tree slice cake stands. Somewhere amidst the flurry of a wedding which was planned completely on my own, a new business, my current full time job and my slightly neglected fiance, I had managed to keep everything together. The business began as an idea to sell a few things I couldn't find for my wedding and has flourished into a place where handmade artistic items are found." ~Kimberly Congdon, Owner

~ What can buyers find at Roxy Heart Vintage, and what makes it unique ~

Buyers can find a wide variety of items from rustic tree slice cake stands to wrought iron decor and custom hand stamped jewelry. The items are unique because each is handmade. We also offer many custom options for our products. The site was born from the lack of truly inspired style in wedding items so We' ve tried to emphasize that if you have a specific vision we'd love to help you bring that into fruition! 

 ~ What is new at Roxy Heart Vintage ~

There are tons of new items at Roxy Heart Vintage. My favorite items are the Tree Slice Cake Stands which now have an upgrade option to be used as a lazy susan or turn table. Sometimes people hesitate purchasing something they really love because they'll only use it once or twice. I've come up with this upgrade option to the tree slice cake stand to make sure that you're purchase will be used day after day. Why store it when you can use it and enjoy it all the time!? We also have some great personalization options available for the wooden tree slice cake stands which add a very handcrafted touch to your wedding.

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